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Hayward Pro Grid D.E. Filter


Pro Grid filter tanks are constructed of a durable glass reinforced co-polymer for the  ultimate strength, durability and long life.


Your Hayward ProGrid Vertical Grid D.E. Filter combines superior water filtration with ease of operation and totally corrosion free construction. It uses diatomaceous earth (D.E.), which is the most efficient dirt remover and filter medium known. The D.E., which is usually fed through the skimmer at initial start-up, uniformly coats the curved vertical filter elements that are covered with a custom fitted monofilament polypropylene filter cloth. As pool water is pumped through the control valve into the bottom of the filter tank, the D.E. surface, or coating, filters out even the minutest particles resulting in clear, clean, sparkling water.


DE2420, DE3620, DE4820, DE6020, DE7220


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